Are you getting support for your dreams?

For the last year and nine months, I've been working to build a business that would positively impact the lives of thousands (actually, hundreds of thousands) of women.  It's a BIG goal to be of service in a powerful way in the world - to put myself out there and be vulnerable so that others can be inspired and feel the courage to pursue their own dreams! 

Yet, I've felt SO GUILTY about desiring outside support.

You see, building a business is HARD WORK!  There are a lot of late nights at the computer, a lot of parties and social events missed to refine emails and blog posts, a lot of money spent on tech and coaching that none of your clients realize you've done. There are a LOT of emails with women who desperately want help but are, in the end, too scared to invest in themselves.  It can be heart-breaking to see over and over how women are stuck and are refusing to allow themselves the opportunity to move forward. "I'll do it when .... " and then they come up with a bunch of reasons why they're not worth investing in right now.  

And when you're dealing with this on your own, it takes a toll. I'm blessed to have a supportive relationship with someone who encourages me to go after my dreams - but even with that, it has been tough not to have relationships with like-minded women pursuing similarly like-minded goals.  

Yet, something held me back for nearly half a year from joining a mastermind that would connect me with other amazing women building meaningful businesses.  I thought I "should" be able to do it alone - after all, I'm connected to GOD!  I have His power behind me and the mission He gave me - and He is ultimately in control of the direction of my business.  Wasn't that enough? 

But six months ago, I knew I needed human connection and earthly support, too. One of the things I tell my clients over and over again is that we are made in the image of God, and God is a relational Being! He is God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, Three in One. So OF COURSE we are created for relationships! I made a huge, scary decision and invested in a high-level mastermind with 49 other female entrepreneurs led by Emily and James Williams (if you don't know about Emily, you need to check out her I Heart My Life community  - she's built a seven-figure business in just a few short years at the age of 31). This was a VERY scary decision, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. 

Connecting with these women has given me renewed energy and encouraged me to get really clear on my vision of whom I want to serve and how I want to provide that service to them. I've poured my heart and my soul into creating programs and a course that will promote positive life-change in my clients and set them on the path to freedom from worry over their weight, size and shape.  

Plus, it's been FUN!!! It was fun to travel to London for the first time since 2007 and attend an event at the Ritz. It was energizing to have a photoshoot a top photographer to uplevel my brand and website.  (A behind-the scenes photo is below). 

I cannot overstate the importance of getting support for your dreams! As a result of our 2-day mastermind in London, I have a new direction for this business and a plan of how I can support you even more powerfully in connecting with you "WHY," getting clear on your long-term desires, and making a plan to make those into reality.  I spent the near 9-hour plane ride back creating a new program, which I'll reveal in late November, and I can't wait to put it into the world!!! 

But for now, know that you are worth the investment to receive support! If you're reading this blog, we've connected for a reason! You've seen something in me that has given you hope for your future.  Don't ignore that!  

You can find my current programs right here; and you can get connected to my free Facebook group, Purpose-Driven Women, right here!  

If you are ready to move forward with a Mentorship with me, you can apply for your free discovery call right here (it's no-obligation, just to confirm that we will be a good fit for a coaching relationship).  

Please, please don't let any feelings of unworthiness hold you back from getting the support you need to reach your dreams.  You are beautiful.  You are loved.  YOU ARE WORTHY! 

Can't wait to speak with you! 

With love,