Drop the comparison to initiate change

Do you believe you have the power to change?


God created you with a purpose and he has a specific mission for you to fulfill on earth.

EPHESIANS 2:10 tells us that

"We are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."  

Now, knowing that, can you see how Satan's mission will be to throw you off course in any way that he can?  And for us women, trapping us in agony over our bodies, and pitting us against each other as we compare ourselves to one another and wish that we looked like so-and-so is something that Satan delights in. But Corinthians 2:10 reminds us that it is not wise for us to compare ourselves.

Instead, we can focus on the power that we have through Jesus to break EVERY chain that binds us. That includes the chains of alcohol, the chains of fast food, and the chains of self-pity. We were not created to numb ourselves out to life's difficulties. We were created to persevere through trials in the strength of the Lord.  We were created to be conquerors. Frankly, we are daughters of the Most High God, and that means we are Royalty! 

From the perspective of our identity in Christ, there is never a need to look at another woman and wish for what she has.  We can know that we were created exactly as God saw fit and that we are perfectly suited to accomplish the work that He put us here to accomplish.  And once we realize this, we can drop the competition and instead embrace encouragement and collaboration with other women. 

One story I can share about this is about a woman I met at my gym. This woman is gorgeous.  Her body is near "perfect" by society's standards.  As I'd work out several nights a week, I noticed her and her dedication to her workouts.  She was clearly training with a plan and a purpose, and her results were evident.  

In the past, I would have looked at her and assumed that she was probably not very nice.  I mean, how could someone with such a "perfect" physique be kind and down-to-earth? If I tried to speak to her, she'd probably judge me less-than-"perfect" tummy, right? 

But for years, I've been working on my own self-confidence and strengthening my identity in who God made me to be.  I don't want to look at another woman and feel threatened. Instead, I want to acknowledge her as another beauty created by God for good works! So, I decided I would speak to this woman and compliment her dedication to her workouts. 

As it turned out, that one conversation turned into her complimenting me! She stated that she had noticed me and mentioned how I was really inspiring to her. ARE YOU KIDDING??!!! There was zero thought in my mind that she would have even noticed me, and she was telling me that I impacted her in a similar way to how she impacted me?! 

THIS is what happens when we quit judging each other and we start trying to embrace and encourage and love on each other.  I felt so uplifted after that conversation, and this woman's presence at the gym from there on out was a great encouragement to me! 

If you are struggling right now with your own body, whether because you've made decisions that have taken you to an unhealthy place, or whether your body is physically healthy but your mind is tormented by thoughts of what you "should" look like or be to fit into the mold that society wants to squish us all into, I urge you to DROP the comparisons.  

One way to do this is to compliment any woman who sparks your jealousy.  Rather than silently wish you could be like her, get to know her! Befriend her, and let her know that you see and value her.  You may be surprised (like I was) to find out that she has been admiring you and being inspired by you, too! 

You have BIG things to accomplish! And it can't hurt to have a few new friends along the way! 

If you enjoyed this message, please share it with your friends (including the new ones you make because of it)! 

With lots of love,