VIP Private Intensive

Imagine what it would be like to get clear on your purpose AND to make a solid plan for pursuing it – all in ONE powerful coaching session!


Are you a high-achieving, motivated, faith-forward woman who feels like you're not fully living out your purpose?  Are you ready to take courageous action to build a life that you’ll love living? Are you are serious about implementing strategies that will get you where you want to be without hesitation? Then this VIP Private Intensive will help you jumpstart your success. 


Hello! I’m Sara Anna Powers, and I’ve built a business I adore helping women just like you pursue your powerful purpose. 

I've helped more than 100 business owners find their ideal clients, develop packages and programs that serve them well, and make amazing money doing work they love. I now wake up EXCITED about the work I'm doing in the world. But that wasn’t always the case.

Just a few years ago, I was burning the candle at both ends, bending over backwards for demanding partners at the fancy law firm where I held a high-paying, prestigious job, and praying that something – anything – would change!

Now, I choose the clients I want to work with, and they are top-notch in every single way! Many of my clients run six, multi-six and even seven-figure service-based businesses, and our work together enables them to transform more lives for good!  I get to impact the lives of amazing women on a regular basis.

If you had told me five years ago that I’d have the life I have now, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I didn’t think it was possible for me!

In desperation, I hired my first coach. The investment was huge for me – basically ALL of my expendable monthly income (okay and let's be honest, some on top of that). But with each passing week as I worked with my coach, I began to see the possibilities unfold. 

Just like Matthew 19:26 says: "With God, ALL things are possible."  

I gained CLARITY on my purpose in life. I strengthened my FAITH and trust in God and His plan for my life {this is SO KEY; you must believe it before you can see it}. I practiced GRATITUDE and immediately began noticing more and more positive things in my life. I shifted my mindset and saw new doors open. 

I up-leveled my relationships, let go of negative influences, and surrounded myself with ambitious like-minded women.   


Over the course of 90 days, my coach and I tackled my limiting beliefs. We made a concrete plan of action that got me closer to my vision and how I wanted my life to look. 

With her support and accountability, and with my commitment and hard work, everything began to fall into place.  My business grew, my platform broadened, my relationships deepened, and my health improved.

Now, I help motivated, faith-based women break through their own limiting beliefs to pursue their powerful purpose in life and business. 

I offer this VIP Intensive for YOU: the woman who is ready to take decisive action NOW and see quick results. 

If this is you, I’d love to serve you. 

With your VIP Intensive, you'll receive my high-touch and detailed insights into your business. You'll be given prep work to do before we meet {in person or via video-conference}, and then we'll take a deep dive into the nooks and crannies of your business. 

No stone is left unturned during this powerful session.  We're going to look at your ideal client and make sure that each and every offering you present makes you feel JOYFUL and EXCITED! Because if you're not having fun doing this work, something is off!

We'll look at your revenue streams and develop a concrete plan to move you toward your biggest income goals.  

We'll examine your schedule to make sure you're including adequate time for self-care and self-renewal.  You're going to LOVE working in your business for this day forward. 

We'll look at your messaging and marketing funnel to be sure that you're clearly communicating the high value of your offerings to the exact right people. 

And we bathe the whole day in prayer because - you know this to be true - we need God to accomplish the goals we're going to set in your business. 

Here's how the process works! 

1. These VIP sessions are INTENSE. There are half-day and full-day options available, so we'll first hop on a call to determine which one will better serve your needs and desires. You can apply for this discovery call here

2. Before our time together, my team will send you a VIP Intensive Welcome Packet so that I can gather background on your specific business challenges and goals, ensuring that we make the most of our time together. 

3. We'll engage in a powerful,  Intensive Coaching Session, during which you'll gain clarity around:

  • Your big WHY: your ultimate vision that will drive your business forward

  • Your crucial WHO: know exactly who it is that you serve

  • Your important HOW: develop your sparkling new programs and make your marketing funnel clear and compelling

  • Your critical WHEN: map out a plan to reach your business goals {number of clients served, type of work you're doing, income goals, the whole she-bang!}

4. You are welcome to  record any or all of your session so that you can stay fully engaged during the Intensive and still have access to the strategy we create. 

5. You'll have private email access to me for ONE WEEK following your Intensive, to have personalized feedback on anything that comes up for you as you implement the strategies I give you. 


Are you ready to develop a concrete plan for your JOYFUL, PURPOSEFUL, and PROFITABLE service-based business?


Sara Anna is truly an inspiration, and you can tell through the phone that she has a genuine care for you. In just one session, Sara Anna was able to help me with achieving a balanced day and achieve the things I want to get done.
— Candice Carter, United Kingdom
Sara Anna’s coaching is one of a kind. She knows how to boost your confidence and help you reach your goals with ease. What I value most about her is her personal faith that she incorporates into everything she does. If you are ready to change your life in an amazing way - say yes to working with Sara Anna!
— Lorri Silvera
Sara Anna and I did a two-hour intensive session to help me to get clarity on my coaching practice. She is so fun and easy to work with; I felt comfortable with her from the start. She had specific suggestions for my program including how to reframe my focus, zero in on my target market, modify my website to attract the right clients, and do outreach to find those people. She offered suggestions of resources that would help me out and she is the perfect combination of professional and caring. I loved her suggestions! She has done an outstanding job of following up to see how I am doing since the session and has been encouraging me through this challenging stage of getting my coaching program off the ground. If you want your program to reflect your personality, she will take the time to help you get there. I highly recommend her and look forward to our next opportunity to work together!
— Vona Johnson, Coach