Stellar Sales


Ah, the SALES PAGE! 

That handy dandy tool that ATTRACTS and entices... That darling document that turns cold traffic into CLIENTS... That brilliant bullet-point list of the RESULTS those clients deeply desire...



As an entrepreneur, streamlining my process for creating sales pages is one of THE best things I’ve ever done for my business.

I used to spend hours upon hours re-creating the wheel each time I had a new service to offer. I’d procrastinate, leaving thousands of dollars on the table as I hemmed and hawed over what to say. Finally, I had ENOUGH, and I set to work developing a template that I could use over and over again for each new program or service.

My Stellar Sales Page template is based on sales psychology, my experience in writing copy for multiple five-figure launches, and the expertise I’ve gained from serving as a copywriter to elite coaches, consultants, and other professionals with a personal brand.

Most importantly, my template WORKS! So now when I have a new service, I know that my offer can reach my ideal clients in a matter of minutes rather than months!

Ready to feel EXCITED about sales again?!
I thought so!!!

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Sara Anna Powers, The Copy Couturier™, is a Coach and Copywriter who specializes in working with online entrepreneurs who’ve created offerings around a personal brand. She believes selling is service, and she loves helping people do it well.