Private Mentorship

For the motivated woman of faith who desires to pursue her
powerful purpose in life and business.

This signature program was designed just for YOU, the woman of faith who knows that SO much more life awaits when you clarify your unique purpose and pursue it with passion. It IS possible for you to LOVE your life. I’m here to show you how.  


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What would it feel like to:

  • Be excited on Monday mornings!

  • Find clarity around your purpose.

  • Enjoy an open sun-roof to life instead of staring at a glass ceiling.

  • Confidently charge your whatever amount supports your clients and brings you joy!

  • Make enough money to give more generously than you ever thought possible.

  • Build a platform that permits you to create income on demand.

  • Serve from a full cup, instead of feeling depleted.

  • Have more time to spend with friends and family.

  • Know that you’re doing work that is fully aligned with your unique skills and talents.

  • Build a business where your faith stays front and center.

Learn How with a Private Mentorship!

I was struggling to find just how to meld the busyness of my life into a balance that would keep me on track to my goals. That’s where Sara Anna came in. Sara Anna immediately helped me to slim down my focus and really pinpoint areas that have kept me on track to crush my goals. Sara Anna’s encouragement and guidance have been paramount to my understanding not only my path, but also the realization that I will get to where I want to be. I am stronger and more dedicated than ever thanks to Sara Anna. If you are chasing a dream, let Sara Anna show you how it can be achieved.  
— Kelly

Here's Why I Do This Work:

  • I know what it's like to spend hours and hours chained to a desk doing the same work as my male counterparts and making half of the salary.
  •  I know what it’s like to be referred to as a “profit center” instead of a person by the CEO of my company.
  •  I know what it’s like to feel like I made a huge mistake in my choice of career. I know what it’s like to feel like it’s “too late” to change course.

And I also know what it's like to...

  • Find work I ADORE and look forward to daily!
  • Finally get REAL with my true desires and actually PURSUE them - knowing that God gave me a vision for how I can help women and I'm ready to go after it! 
  • Make an impact for GOOD in the world.
  • Shine LIGHT on my clients so that they can shine in exactly the way they were meant to! 
  • Watch that ONE POWERFUL QUESTION change the whole course of a client’s business.
  • See my clients go from feeling stuck to selling out entire one-on-one programs, filling groups, and consistently raising their prices! 
  • Be blessed by God – to live out my powerful purpose.  

Now it’s YOUR Turn!

  • You KNOW you have a powerful purpose, and you are READY to pursue it.
  • You are a motivated, high-achieving, faith-filled woman.
  • You feel frustrated with a major area of your life and/or career.
  • You’ve got dreams, ambitions, and desires that you’ve been stuffing down since you graduated college (or law school, or medical school).
  • You have ALMOST given up on the idea that you can have a life you live – but not completely.
  • You know you need someone on your team – a mentor – to help show you the path to success!
  • You are committed to doing the deep work required to clarify your purpose and pursue it with passion!

A Private Mentorship Is Your Solution. 

Here's what you'll receive when you sign up for Private Mentorship with Sara Anna;


Initial Assessment

An Initial Assessment, to be completed prior to the first coaching session, so that we can maximize every moment of our coaching calls.  

Jumpstart intensive

One Deep-Dive Intensive to illuminate your big picture goals and gain clarity on your purpose in life and work. This intensive session lays the groundwork for your mentorship. 

 Private Coaching SessionS

After your Jumpstart Intensive, you'll receive custom coaching sessions over the course of four months.

These sessions are all tailored to your specific goals.  They're here for YOU when you need them, and there's no limit on the number of calls you can have. You're fully supported in the Mentorship. 


Private voxer access

Sometimes big questions arise that simply can’t wait until our next coaching session.

Never worry about being supported - You'll have Voxer access to ask me any questions with a guaranteed response. 


Receive additional Bonus resources, including recommend reading, supplemental articles and videos.

These resources will be provided to you throughout the course of the Mentorship.  

Gift Bundle 

I love giving gifts, and so I bless each client with an assortment of resources that will help you during your Mentorship, including recommended reading, a beautiful journal, and additional gifts to get you started on the right foot. 



1.  Access to my signature group program, Magnetic Messaging™.  ($997 value). This 8-week course includes everything you need as a business owner to create compelling copy and convert prospects into clients. We cover crafting  your website copy, your nurture funnel, captivating subject lines and live video titles. As a private coaching client, you have full access to the Self-Study version of this program.   

2. Access to my signature Mini-Course, 5 Days to Freedom. ($77 value). This course has more than 2.5 hours of video content that will help you build a faith-centered online business. These are the strategies I implemented to grow my business to more than six figures in sales WHILE I was still working full-time. 


*VIP Days and intensive sessions are also available; we can discuss these options on your discovery call and determine which program is the BEST fit for you! 



Apply for your Complimentary 30-minute discovery session by clicking the button below.

We'll go over any questions you have about the program so that you can be sure it's the right fit for you. 


Topics can include

Coaching sessions are personalized for your specific needs, but topics include:



How to take your thoughts captive and claim your identity in Christ.  Mindset is KEY in building a profitable business (trust me, I tried to resist this, but there's no way around it). We'll work on your money mindset, your confidence, and the way you view sales. If you're not making the amount of money you desire to make in your business, your mindset is an issue. We're going to fix this together! 

Purpose clarification

We will go through a series of powerful questions to help you gain clarity on where your passions intersect with your unique skills. We'll then uncover how to offer those skills in a way that the market will respond to, so that you can make a living doing purposeful work. 


Want to build a tribe of loyal followers? Grow your email list? Run your first FB ad? Start and maintain a FB group to engage with your community? I'll help you develop your own platform strategy, so that you can maximize your reach. 

DISC Personality Assessment

Gain insight into your unique personality type and learn how you can best interact with your clients and team members.

Content Creation

Learn how to leverage your content across multiple social media platforms. We’ll create a simple, efficient strategy to populate your social media channels with information your ideal clients desire.

Branding Basics

Learn which elements of your brand are non-negotiable and critical to your business success.

Strategic Business Planning

A dream without a plan is just a wish. We’ll map out your income-generation path and reverse-engineer the steps you’ll take that will put you solidly on the path to success.

Designing your website

Discover which pages you MUST have on your website, and how they site should flow for maximum impact. Plus, gain access to resources for building your website at any budget.

E-mail Marketing and Funnels

Create your welcome funnel and learn how to nurture your list with compelling content and copy.


Thoughts are incredibly powerful.  I teach meditation from a Biblical perspective.


As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I know that your physical health can support you in pursuing your calling. We can navigate any challenges you may be facing to ensure that you are operating at peak physical condition.


Want to develop a course so that you package your knowledge once and get paid for it over and over again? Creating a signature course is a wonderful way to leverage your knowledge, reach even more people, and still earn income! I've built multiple online courses on several different platforms and can get you set up and running quickly! 


Podcasting is one of THE most potent ways to get your message to your ideal clients. Can you imagine anything more intimate than whispering in your ideal client's ear? That's the power of podcasting! I host my own podcast, Faith Forward Online Business with Sara Anna Powers, and I can help you develop yours, if you so desire. 


Apply for your Complimentary 30-minute discovery session by clicking the button below.

We'll go over any questions you have about the program so that you can be sure it's the right fit for you. 




What if I don’t have the money? 

For coaching to work, you must be fully invested.  If making this investment in your coaching package is going to jeopardize your ability to pay rent or keep food on your table, it’s not the right time for you to apply for the mentorship. However, if you can still cover your basic needs, and the coaching investment feels like a stretch, that’s a really good thing!  We value the things that cost us, and your investment in this program is you stepping up to the plate and acknowledging that YOU are worth the investment. If you want others to invest in you (whether that be your own private clients, or your employer), you MUST be willing to invest in yourself. Don’t be the woman who says, “I’ll invest in myself when ______.”  Know that you are worthy of pursuing your powerful purpose right now. 


Do you offer refunds?

No. Coaching requires a commitment, from both the coach and the client. When a client knows a refund is possible, it is too easy for her to have “one foot in” the coaching relationship and “one foot out” the door in case the program “doesn’t work.” If you think the program might now work for you, it won’t. You must believe that this program has the potential to give you the results you desire, or you should not make the investment. When you go into something knowing that you have an “out,” it is unlikely that you will give it 100%. I desire each and every client to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider this investment BEFORE committing. Once you have paid your deposit and signed your contract, you are fully committed and no refunds will be offered. 


Do you have Professional Training or Certifications?

I’m so glad you asked! I have a bachelor’s degree in English and French. I spent a year inNeuchatel, Switzerland, as a Rotary Scholar and studied Swiss law. I then obtained a Juris Doctorate from the University of Mississippi in 2009.  I have held an RYT 200 hour designation from Yoga Alliance since 2005. I am also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches, and a 48 Days Certified coach through Dan Miller and his 48 Days Coaching. I invest continually in my own personal and business development so that I can coach you to your highest potential. Programs I have completed include Marie Forleo’s B-School, Amy Porterfield’s Webinars That Convert, Amy Porterfield’s Courses that Convert, James Wedmore's Business By Design, Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever, and I Heart Coaching with Emily Williams as a VIP. I have also obtained private coaching from some of the top coaches in the industry, including Jaime Masters (Tardy), Dan Miller, and Emily Williams. I invest tens of thousands of dollars to make sure that my skills stay sharp so I can serve you fully. You're in good hands here, and I'm FOR you and your business goals. 

Hi Gorgeous,

Deciding to start a business is a BIG deal! You have the opportunity to impact and improve lives by using your own unique skills and talents to serve those who need YOUR expertise. And you may be wondering if you’ve got what it takes - I know I sure did!!!

In fact, I struggled for nearly two years in my business, buying programs and courses, and engaging in countless hours of trial and error, before I finally found a mentor who could see and support my vision and help me reach the next level. While I learned oh-so-much about persistence and perseverance from the struggle, that’s not the path I want for you!

I believe you were made for miracles, and I know that you’re bold and bright enough to overcome any obstacles in your path. I’m ready to mentor you as you grow your brilliant business while keeping your faith as the foundation of it all.  Let’s do this TOGETHER!

With so much love,