Ep. 040 - How Do You Choose A Mentor?


In this episode, Sara Anna talks through the 4 questions she asks when choosing a mentor plus the 2 surprising things she DOESN’T consider when hiring a coach. Mentorship can massively accelerate your success, but only if your choice is in alignment with your true values and goals. Asking the 4 questions in the episode can help ensure that you choose a support team who will help you get to the next level in your business and life!

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Ep. 039 - The Power of Prayer in Your Business


Sara Anna shares her personal prayer discipline in this episode of the Faith Forward Online Business podcast. Prayer can revolutionize your personal relationship with Jesus, and having a regular practice around it will give you freedom to experience a deeper faith.  

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Ep. 038 - James Wedmore’s Most Valuable Business Lessons


For this episode, Sara Anna is joined by James Wedmore, a multi-7 figure online entrepreneur who understands that mindset and business growth are inseparable. James went from hustle, stress and struggle to ease, flow, and IMPACT in his own business, and now he helps other entrepreneurs do the same through his Business By Design program.

James also had a massive personal impact on Sara Anna’s life, and you’ll hear the backstory of how your host transformed her business using James’ guidance and strategies.

PLUS you can grab James’ FREE Netflix-style video series, The Rise of the Digital CEO, to learn how to move from being an employee to the CEO of your own business right here: http://www.saraannapowers.com/james

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Ep. 037 - Creating Passive Income with The Kings


Sara Anna is joined by Dillon and Sarah King, founders of http://www.withthekings.com for this episode of the Faith Forward Online Business podcast. By creating and selling courses, they have made over a million dollars in sales while working less than 5 hours/week. They believe in family first, and with (almost) 4 children under 4, they are so thankful for their business, because it has given them the freedom to be fully present parents. After experiencing this success, Dillon and Sarah have become committed to supporting others in creating + selling their own courses. Dillon and Sarah believe that everyone knows something that others would pay to learn.

Their signature program, Launch, helps entrepreneurs find "their thing" and monetize that knowledge through their own online course. Dillon and Sarah have made it their goal to remove the mystery of making money online. They believe anyone who is willing to work hard for a freedom lifestyle, should have the tools to make it happen. Learn more about their business model (including a detailed financial breakdown) in their free video series. Get their free video series here: http://withthekings.com/podcastgift.

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Ep. 036 - Finding Light After Loss with Dr. Annette Stephenson


In this episode, Sara Anna welcomes Dr. Annette Stephenson to the show. Dr. Stephenson runs the only audiology clinic on The Cayman Islands and recently began following a divine assignment to empower women after her own personal tragedy.

Listen to hear how Dr. Stephenson has persevered through her own heartbreak and how she now supports other women in doing the same. Click here to apply for an invitation to join the inaugural Light After Loss Retreat in Cayman: bit.ly/lightafterlossretreat

And make sure to listen to Sara Anna’s four success strategies audio guide for free here: http://www.saraannapowers.com/success

Ep. 035 - Passionista Purpose with Lindsey Nadler


Sara Anna chats with her copywriting client and faith-based empowerment coach Lindsey Nadler in this episode. From serving in law enforcement, to building a multi-seven-figure MLM business, to moving her business online, Lindsey discusses how God gives you one calling but many assignments.

Don’t miss this episode to learn how to stay resilient and bring your highest energy to all you do - in life AND business.

Be sure to grab Lindsey’s FREE Confidence Mantra here: bit.ly/confidencemantra

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Ep. 034 - Build Your Empire with Stacy Tuschl


In this episode, Sara Anna speaks with Stacy Tuschl, the founder and creator of She’s Building Her Empire. Stacy helps empower women to raise their standards in business and in life.  Stacy started her first business in her parents’ backyard and turned her hobby into a 7 figure company she still runs today. In addition to being a business owner, podcaster, and bestselling author, Stacy is also a wife and mom of 2.  

Sara Anna and Stacy chat about the importance of personal development, the value in investing in your business, and the key role that faith can play in growing your business.

Check out Stacy’s Limitless Growth Challenge beginning on Monday, September 24, 2018. It’s FREE and you can register here: shesbuildingherempire.com/limitless

And make sure to download Sara Anna’s four success strategies here: http://www.saraannapowers.com/success

Ep. 033 - Online Course Creation with Jeff Long

In this episode, Sara Anna talks with Jeff Long, an online course coach, video production expert and web designer. Since 2003 Jeff has worked with companies, entrepreneurs, and influencers to help them create engaging online courses, dynamic training videos and flexible websites.His passion is leveraging technology to teach online and his superpower is helping create effective online course videos. Jeff launched The Online Course Coach Podcast to share his own knowledge but also to interview other experts.


Find Jeff online at https://onlinecoursecoach.com


Learn more about Jeff’s course creation coaching program at https://onlinecoursecoach.com/groupcoaching


To grow your list, snag Jeff’s FREE resource: https://onlinecoursecoach.com/growyouraudience


And after listening to this episode, if you’re ready to dive into course creation, Kajabi is Sara Anna’s platform of choice. She hosts her online courses on this platform and serves as a proud affiliate. Get a free trial of Kajabi here: https://app.newkajabi.com/r/VbALMLCx

Ep. 032 - The “BARE” Essentials of Online Marketing with Rich Brooks


Sara Anna Powers interviews Rich Brooks, the founder of Flyte New Media, a digital agency based in Portland, Maine. Rich shares his more than two decades of experience in online marketing, taking us through his “BARE” essentials framework on how to Build, Attract, Retain, and Evaluate our online marketing efforts.


Rich also shares about his upcoming Agents of Change digital marketing conference and how FFOB listeners can get a special rate to attend (live or online).  


Resources mentioned include:


Visit http://theagentsofchange.com  and enter the code FFOB to receive a special rate for Rich’s conference, which is taking place both live and online on September 20 and 21, 2018.


Rich’s digital marketing company can be found online at: http://www.takeflyte.com


Click here to grab Rich’s book, The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing.  


Find Rich on social media @therichbrooks across all social channels.


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Episode 31 - Six Marketing Lessons from Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour


In this episode, Sara Anna outlines six key marketing lessons she learned from her VIP experience at Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour.  Sara Anna also gives a special shout-out to each of her coaches and team members.

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Episode 30 - Three Reasons Why Messaging Matters


Sara Anna reveals three key reasons why your messaging matters as you grow your business. Having spent hundreds of hours studying and writing copy for multi-six and seven-figure business owners, she breaks down why you should care about your copy, too.


This episode is sponsored by Sara Anna’s FREE Click-Worthy Copy Challenge.  The challenge begins August 13 and will show you the 5 simple steps to take your copy from connecting with to converting your ideal clients. Click here to register: http://www.saraannapowers.com/clickworthycopy

Episode 029 - The Top 7 Things I’ve Learned From My Coaches


In this episode, Sara Anna shares the top 7 lessons she’s learned from working with elite-level mentors like Dan Miller, Ray Edwards, and Emily Williams. These 7 tips have helped Sara Anna make huge forward movements in her personal and business life, and now you can hear and implement them, too!


If you’re ready to invest in your own private mentor, Sara Anna has a very limited number of one-to-one mentoring spots available. Apply here for a complimentary discovery call: http://www.saraannapowers.com/discoverycall  

Episode 028 - The Rest is the Faith


Sara Anna shares her perspective on taking a Sabbath. It can be a tricky thing to give yourself time to rest while building a business, but there’s a case to be made for regular rest.


Resources in this episode include:


Fresh Faith - by Jim Cymbala


Connections at the Cross Magazine by Amy C. Tilley


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Episode 027 - Building An Engaged and Buying FB Group with Allison Hardy


In this episode, Sara Anna sits down to chat with mompreneur Allison Hardy about how to build an engaged (and buying!) FB group. Allison has taken her skills and expertise from running multiple online businesses and found that building an authentic connection is the best way to serve your clients and your business.


Resources in this episode include:


Allison’s guide on the 4 things you MUST do to build an engaged FB group: bit.ly/facebookgroupgrowth


Find Allison online at http://www.allisonhardy.com and in her FB group, The Mompreneur Community.


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Episode 026 - Ask Me Anything - Sara Anna Answers Listener Questions


In this episode, Sara Anna gives her responses to a handful of listener questions. Topics covered include launch mistakes, pricing of offers, and how to not feel guilty about wanting to make a lot of money!


If you’d like YOUR question to be considered for the next listener question episode, just email Sara Anna at anna@saraannapowers.com


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Episode 025 - Living a Daring Life with Csilla Muscan


Sara Anna brings on her friend and Mastermind sister Csilla Muscan for this episode. Csilla has overcome many challenges to build an online business as a speaker, singer and the founder of the new Daring Girls Collective membership site.


Csilla and Sara Anna share about how to walk courageously toward the future God has for you and the importance of finding supportive community.


Resources mentioned in this episode include:


http://www.daringgirlscollective.com   Join Csilla’s new Membership Site, for which Sara Anna is the Mentor of Personal Development, at a special rate of just $27/month.


Check out Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy for more tips on living a life of intentionality.


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Episode 024 - The Top 4 Ways I Get Top Clients Online


In this episode, Sara Anna gives her top 4 strategies for bringing in A-list clients.  You won’t want to miss this peek behind the curtain at how you can start getting clients you love in your own business!

Resources mentioned include:

Freshbooks is Sara Anna’s tool of choice for accounting and invoicing. Check out the software and try it for FREE through this affiliate link!

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To be considered for Sara Anna’s Mastermind or for private coaching, please email anna@saraannapowers.com to indicate your interest and set up a call.

Episode 023 - Launch Your Encore Life with Mark Ross


Sara Anna interviews speaker, artist, and coach Mark Ross about creating an encore life.  After three decades of success in one field, Mark made the decision to pursue a new career path. He talks with Sara Anna about putting faith over fear and tapping into the creative resources that God provides.  Sara Anna and Mark also discuss the power of Masterminding and finding like-minded colleagues in business.


Connect with Mark at http://www.nextthinggroup.com


And if you’d like to be considered for Sara Anna’s Mastermind, email Anna@saraannapowers.com

Episode 022 - The Power of a Great Mastermind


In this episode, Sara Anna dives into three specific ways in which a Mastermind can help you build a profitable online business.

Sara Anna’s Mastermind is invitation-only, but you can schedule a call with her by emailing Anna@saraannapowers.com if you’re interested in joining.

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Episode 021 - How to Have Unstoppable Success with Kelly Roach


Sara Anna is joined by 7-figure business-owner Kelly Roach, who is an international best-selling author and the host of the top-rated podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio.


Kelly’s had quite the journey, from being an NFL Cheerleader to a Fortune 500 Executive, to running her own million-dollar-plus business, she understands both the mindset AND the strategies needed to make it to the top of the coaching field.  


Sara Anna and Kelly talk about the importance of designing your business around your life, what it takes to reach the “next level” (whatever it is for you), and focusing on the things that matter.  


Check out


Bio: Kelly Roach is the host of the top rated podcast Unstoppable Success Radio, an International best-selling author, and the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching.


As a former NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Executive where she was promoted 7 times in 8 years, Kelly brings a powerful combination of proven and profitable business growth strategies coupled with the mindset, wellness and productivity practices required to help entrepreneurs build a profitable business around a life they absolutely love.


Kelly’s passion and purpose is in helping entrepreneurs around the world achieve exponential profit, sales and income growth.


Check out Unstoppable Success Radio for more motivation and inspiration from Kelly. It’s available here or via Google Play, Apple Itunes and Stitcher. Kelly can also be found online at Kelly Roach Coaching.


If you’re looking for a supportive group of women to hold you accountable to your business goals, Sara Anna is currently interviewing for her Mastermind, to run June through November  2018. Email anna@saraannapowers.com to indicate your interest, and the team will set up a time for your interview with Sara Anna.