Episode 011 - Top 11 Faith Forward Business Books


In celebration of the 11th episode of the podcast, Sara Anna’s giving you her top 11 faith-forward business book recommendations.  These are business books and spiritual growth books which have helped Sara Anna grow her company to reach the six-figure milestone while still maintaining her faith.  

Links to purchase the books are provided below. Please note that all links are Amazon Affiliate links, so Sara Anna will receive a small commission on any purchase made through them.

1. Every Good Endeavor  - Tim Keller


2. The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks


3. Real Artists Don’t Starve - Jeff Goins

4. The Mask Of Masculinity - Lewis Howes

5. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth - by John Maxwell

6. Boundaries - Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

7. How Rich People Think - Steve Siebold

How Rich People Think
By Steve Siebold

8. Time to Fly - Daily Insights from The 48 Days Eagles Community

9. The Coaching Starter Kit

10. The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman

11. Worship Matters - Bob Kauflin

Your verse of the week is Proverbs 1: 5  “. . . a wise man will listen and increase his learning, and a discerning man will obtain guidance. . .”

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** Please note that the links above are affiliate links, and Sara Anna may receive a small commission when you purchase through these links.