Magnetic Messaging™

Student Experiences

Nada Manley learned to produce the best sales copy of her career and has been “flooded with questions” about her services and questions. She’s finally seeing the traction in her business she’s been hoping for!  

Dara Simons saw her income increase by 50%, her email open rates rise by 400%, and now has an engaged FB group of more than 300 members!

Heather Bonham knew how to write, but didn’t know how to write COPY. She learned so much more than she expected to find in the program, including ads, emails, subject lines, and website copy.

Winston Faircloth landed his first VIP client, built an email list of hundreds, has completed over 150 FB live videos, and learned how to make his messaging resonate with ideal clients!

Lucy used Magnetic Messaging™ to create her opt-in landing page, program page, home page, and completely reworked her ads to reach her ideal clients!

Suzanne Lindsey used the templates to create copy that’s brought her two new clients directly from her website!

Tamara Robbins modified her message and found PEACE around her work and how she shows up for clients.

Click here to enroll in Magnetic Messaging™! The doors close on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 10 pm CDT!