It’s Time for your Copy to be as Compelling as YOU are!


Your copy could be the difference between struggling along for months (or even years) OR turning a profit pronto!

You already know copywriting is important. You’ve heard stories and read testimonials about how conversions skyrocketed with just a few simple tweaks of a sales page. 


When I started out in business, I did this part ALL WRONG.

I remember when my first coach reviewed my About Page and told me to hide it IMMEDIATELY (talk about a blow to the ego). And I was an English major and licensed attorney, highly skilled and trained in the art of writing persuasively. 

The thing is, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know! Copywriting is a special skill set that very few people have mastered. Once I realized just how important it was - and how crucial it could be to my company’s bottom line - I set out to learn EVERYTHING I could about creating compelling messaging - you know, the kind that gets your ideal clients to click that “BUY” button!

Once I incorporated the things I learned about powerful and persuasive copy into my website and emails, things turned around quickly!

I went from making $50 in my first year of business (gonna give myself props here for not giving up!) to consistent five-figure months, to $100k+ business while still working full time! *I'm now full-time in my business, but I wanted to see RESULTS before I made that leap! 

Now, before people even get on a sales call with me, chances are that they’ve already decided to work with me. My copy sells my services before I ever even say “Hiya” to my new clients.



The Copywriting Audit

A ninety-minute Coaching Experience designed to make your copywriting CONVERT!

Claim Your Copywriting Audit for just $497!


This service was specifically created for the business owner who:

  • Knows her copy isn’t up to par with the quality of her services and offers
  • Suffers from a lack of clarity on how her copy should flow to keep potential clients engaged
  • Feels fairly confident in her writing skills but lacks the inside scoop on what makes copywriting different from other forms of persuasive writing
  • Needs guidance on how to craft copy that converts prospects into clients
  • Wants to get professional direction on her copy without spending a small fortune
  • Loves to DIY-it but recognizes that creating her copy could be much more efficient with someone to guide her through the process


The Copywriting Audit puts the power back in your hands!

You’re the type of smart CEO who wants to understand the WHY behind the HOW in your business. You might be just a little tiny bit of a control freak (no offense intended - I can identify)! You don’t want to simply pay someone to write your copy for you - you want to dig into the process yourself and gain skills that you can use as your business moves forward.

With a little knowledge of HOW your copy can work FOR you, you’ll build the confidence to create compelling copy that really resonates with your ideal clients.


Check out what Kristie had to say about her Copywriting Audit:

I realized my copy wasn’t resonating with the clients I desire to serve, so I called in Sara Anna. She helped me refine my message and hone in on specific details and wording to attract my high-quality clients. If you’re struggling to write your copy or need an expert eye to do edits, I’d definitely recommend Sara Anna!
— Kristie Lammi, Success Coach

The Copywriting Audit helped Courtney get clear on her messaging:

Sara Anna is amazing to work with! She really was able to understand what I wanted with my copy, and put together words that truly emulated my voice. She definitely exceeded my expectations, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with her!
— Courtney Hutchinson, Founder of the Wellness Hive

Your ideal clients need your services, and YOU need to convey the value of those services to them through POWERFUL and PERSUASIVE copy!


You’ve got something extraordinary to sell. Your ideal clients are WAITING for your solution. But you’ve got to COMMUNICATE the value of your services through your website, email, sales page, and ad copy! It’s not rocket science. But it IS based on principles of persuasion that you can leverage in your favor.


Here’s how your Copywriting Audit works:

  1. You invest in your Copywriting Audit.
  2. You’ll be provided with my full Copywriting Questionnaire (the same one used by my high-end copywriting client whose launch earned $50k+ in just a few weeks!) to dig deep into the identity of your ideal clients and the “why” behind the services you provide.
  3. I’ll spend 60 powerful minutes reviewing your current copy and making notes on what you’re doing RIGHT and where you need improvement.
  4. I’ll compile my findings into a shared Google Drive document for your review.
  5. We’ll hop on a 30-minute laser Copy Coaching session via Zoom videoconference, during which we’ll go over exactly WHY your copy isn’t converting as well as you’d like and WHAT you can do to fix it!
  6. You’ll receive a link to the recording of our videoconference so you can reference the items we discuss whenever you need!


Invest in your Success with a Copywriting Audit for just $497! 


Your investment in copywriting can make a massive improvement in your company’s bottom line.


People want to do business with PEOPLE. When you infuse personality into your copy AND couple that with solid strategy based on statistics for conversion, things can shift more swiftly than you’ve imagined.

You’ll be amazed at how just 90 minutes of laser-focused attention on your current copy can give you the direction and guidance you need to refresh, revamp and re-energize your messaging.

Don’t be surprised when more clients + cash come your way!

Sara Anna Powers is the BEST copywriter I know! She has the ability to create killer copy that helps her clients stand out from the crowd while using their words, their voice, and highlighting their gifts and talents. Her ability to understand your ideal client and create persuasive copy is unparalleled. Sara Anna goes above and beyond for her clients, and I’m truly blessed to know and work with her. As a web designer, I’m thrilled to have an awesome copywriter to whom I can refer my clients!
— Rachel McMichael, The Techspert™
I have used copywriters in the past for my business but Sara Anna is something special. Throughout the process she makes sure she really understands you, your business, your ideal client and your messaging. She revamped my opt-in series and in 2 weeks I have had 3 new clients for my signature package and 2 90-minute strategy calls booked which has bought in over 5 figures of revenue. Sara Anna is an absolute joy to work with and she gets results - I highly recommend her!
— Ruth Kudzi, Success Coach for Entrepreneurial Women

Stop struggling with less-than-stellar copy, and invest in your Copywriting Audit today!


Your copy+ my skills and expertise + 90 minutes =


Grab your Copywriting Audit for only $497!  


WAIT! Are you a VIP?

Oh, I’ve got it! You know your copy needs a refresh AND you’re ready to call in a pro to get the job done right the first time! If I’m speaking your language, the Copywriting Audit VIP package is PERFECT for you!


Here’s what you’ll receive:

The FULL Copywriting Audit Package

  • 60 minutes of my eyes on your current copy
  • A shared Google Drive document with my comments and suggestion
  • Full access to my high-level Copywriting Questionnaire used by my elite clients (who pay me $5k for copywriting packages)
  • A powerful half-hour Copy Coaching session via Zoom Videoconference
  • A recording of our coaching session

PLUS, when you’re a VIP, you’ll also receive:

3 Hours of Copywriting Services (Value = $1500)



What can my team and I accomplish for your business in 3 hours?

Well, we can likely get you a whole new Home page OR an amazing About Page for your website. OR we can put together some fantastic FB Ad, Landing Page, and Thank-you Page copy! PLUS we can craft a CONTACT page with custom copy for you! OR what about a Landing Page for your services, with short yet stand-out descriptions of the different offers you’ve created?

The choice is YOURS, but at the end of your service, you’ll have original copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients!

Normally, the Copywriting Audit + the 3-hour Copywriting Bundle would mean an investment of $894! But for my VIP Copywriting Audit clients...

I’m giving you BOTH the Audit and the 3-hour Bundle for just $1497!

Like a jet plane, your business is about to TAKE OFF!

YES! I’m going VIP!

Listen, I know you put your heart and soul into your business. And I know you’re MEGA capable, driven, and determined. You probably desire to figure this out on your own, and that’s AWESOME! But by investing just a few hundred dollars and a small amount of time, you can gain insights that will be useful as you add new elements to your business, including bringing in more FB ads, crafting funnels, and even developing launch copy.


I can’t wait to serve you and support you as you move your business forward! Let’s do this together!


Take Advantage of the Copywriting Audit VIP Package for just $1497

A quick word about refunds:

They are not available for this program. Due to my copywriting materials like the questionnaire being copyrighted (how’s that for some word play?!), and due to the fact that these services include my own personal time (the only resource you can’t replenish), no refunds are offered.

If you have any hesitation about investing in this package, please feel free to message my assistant at, and someone will respond to you within 2 business days!

And remember, you have a powerful purpose to pursue! Your captivating copy can help you create the cash and the clients to keep your business and your message moving forward!

With lots of love,