When it's too hot to go outside . . .

Hello weekend!  Here in Mississippi, it's getting hotter than hot, and it's only June!  While running and biking outside are two of my favorite ways to stay in shape, now that the temperature is consistently in the 90s and only going up, I try to do more indoor workouts, like barre or yoga classes, or on-demand videos. When it's this hot outside, cool, refreshing beverages are go-tos.  So, of course, I wanted to share with you two of my favorite recipes for healthy and delicious drinks!  Both of these are like drinking sunshine!

If you have a juicer, this first one is for you (if you don't have a juicer and you are ready to take the plunge - it's SO worth it - a link to my favorite juicer is on the resources page right here):

Anna's Liquid Sunshine

2 lemons

2 granny smith apples

1 large section fresh ginger

2 cucumbers

1 handful kale

Juice all ingredients, shake with ice, and enjoy!

Photo by moi!

If you're juicer-less and not changing that anytime soon, try this one:

Anna's Amazing Avocado Breeze

1 cup romaine

1.5 cups coconut water

1 Spoonful of spirulina (optional)

1/2 cup aloe juice (optional)

1/2 avocado

1 banana

1 pear

Blend and devour!

If you love these, let me know in the comments. Better yet, post the recipe for your own favorite healthy summer drink, and we can toast to each other!

Be so blessed (and hydrated),

Sara Anna