Why You Just Don't Get It

Have you ever had something happen in your life or business that completely blind-sided you? Maybe someone you trusted betrayed that trust? Or a project you were working on completely flopped? 

Or perhaps it was worse than that.  Perhaps a loved one died unexpectedly? Or you were forced into bankruptcy? 

Each one of the above scenarios would cause most of us to wonder what happened.  We'd question why this was the path we had to walk.  Depending on the scenario, we'd move through shock, anger, and grief (and not necessarily in that order). 

In my own life, I've experienced a few tragedies that left me questioning why I had to experience that circumstance and how I could move through it.  When a boyfriend committed suicide years ago, I agonized over every interaction we had during his final days.  What could I have done differently?  What should I have said?  How could I have helped him?  

And on a much less intense level, I still wonder where I got off course if I don't win a motion in my law practice, or if a client isn't completely thrilled my copywriting or coaching services (it happens rarely, but each time stings).  I question why friendships fade and romantic partners move on.  

I want to understand everything.  How about you?  

As I walked through a recent situation that I couldn't fully understand, a good friend reminded me of these verses: 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.
— Proverbs 3:5-6

I've known these verses for years, but I never really understood them in the way that I have recently.  In my human desire to figure everything out, I was making myself a little god in my own mind. In my arrogance (as painful as it is to admit that), I thought that I should and could understand why things happen a certain way in my life.  

Yet the Bible tells me the opposite! It tells me that I don't have to understand the things that happen in my life.  I don't have to make sense of tragedies and analyze communication breakdowns.  I need only to lean on God's wisdom and on His understanding.  I can trust Him completely!  

Even when horrible things happen, I can rest knowing that I serve a God who heals the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3) and who works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). It's incredibly freeing to know that it's not all up to me to make sense out of life! 

If you'll re-read those verses, you'll also see that when we submit to God, He makes our paths straight.  When we follow His ways, we have a hedge of protection around us that no one can shatter.  He may only show you one small step in front of your path, but He is going to keep you moving in the direction of your ultimate good (for His ultimate glory).  

So how do you know how to follow God in your own life?  Well, He has given us His word in the Bible!  So take advantage of the precious gift of letting God speak to you in His own words.  But I understand that the Bible may not be the easiest thing to comprehend if you're new to reading it. So God has also given us fellowship with others who believe in Him. We can encourage and assist each other to grow in wisdom and understanding.  Finally, I believe that the Holy Spirit dwells inside each person who acknowledges Jesus as Savior and claims His gift of salvation.  

The Holy Spirit can and will tell you when something is not right for you or when something is off in a situation.  It's that still, small, voice . . . that intuition . . . that gut feeling that you get in certain situations.  It takes time to distinguish the prompting of the Holy Spirit, but as you grow in closeness to God and in knowledge of His word, you'll recognize the Spirit more and more. 

Growing in faith is a process, so know that you don't ever have to "have it all figured out." You just need to know that there is a God who loves you and who wants the very best for you. And isn't it a relief to know that you don't always have to "get it!" 

With lots of love,