Bye bye, my love!

I gave up coffee three days ago.

This used to be me . . .

So relaxed, so peaceful, just sipping quietly on a delicious Nespresso fresh brew.

But, after YEARS of drinking multiple shots of espresso daily, I started to notice that by the afternoon, I no longer felt relaxed and peaceful.

Instead, I needed a cup to get me through the day.

I felt irritated and touchy if I couldn't get that afternoon coffee.  The office coffeemaker went on the fritz, so I'd take a 15-minute walk to and back from the coffee shop, even when it was raining, to seek out that cup. When the waiter at a lunch meeting forgot to fill my cup, I found him afterward and asked for a to-go coffee, "politely" reminding him that he had forgotten to serve me. Hmmm. . . . this was beginning to feel like an addiction.

So, I decided to test myself.  If I am not a coffee addict, I should be able to give it up without a problem.

Three days ago, I started on a 21-day, no caffeine journey.  I can officially say that I was addicted to caffeine.


Day One:

I slept nearly 9 hours and still almost fell asleep during church.

In my savasana at the end of the yoga class that I teach, I nearly put MYSELF to sleep!  I went to bed with a headache so pounding that I didn't think I'd be able to sleep.


Day Two:

Even after sleeping a full night, I needed a nap directly after work to be able to make it through my evening activities.

This was telling.  I rarely ever take a nap after work (I can't remember the last time that happened, actually). Also, my eyesight was blurry all day and my head was pounding.

I nearly quit, but my coach Melissa told me that by Day 4 "The heavens would open."

So I got another good night's rest and awoke to . . .


Day 3:

Sweet Relief!  Seriously, this is the BEST I've felt in months!

So now I know, caffeine has absolutely been interfering with the way that I feel on a daily basis, and likely also interrupting my normal sleep patterns.  It feels amazing to be buzzing along without it now, and I'm not completely sure that I'll bring it back into my diet at the end of the 21 days of abstention to which I've committed.

If there is something in your life that you feel may be holding back your health, would you be willing to give it up for 21 days?

Yes, it's not fun to let go of a crutch.  But it IS fun to stand (or dare I say dance?) on your own two feet!

If you need some support, I'll be here to cheer you on!

You can also examine your life from a spiritual perspective, to see if you've made some particular item an idol.  I definitely elevated coffee to a mini-god status in my own life.  To get rid of it has been painful AND worth it! And the pain was a lot more short-lived than I expected it to be.

Let me know in the comments what you are willing to give up for a healthier life! You already know what is holding you back, now the next step is to take action!

Be SO blessed,

Sara Anna